Trees and Their Stories

Trees and Their Stories
Discovering the Life-Giving Nature of Trees

MISSION: To experience the wonder and beauty of trees and to honor them with photos and artwork as they tell their stories.

The stories of trees can be historical, just as their existence can be life-changing.  They are witness to events occurring nearby; they receive human and animal visitors; they weather the elements; and, for the most part, they withstand environmental and cultural influences.

Trees show their stories in their structure, the arrangement of branches, their foliage, and exposed roots.  Their bark bears witness to the scarring elements of man and nature.

Imagine the grand oaks along El Camino Real.  They are old enough to remember the Spanish explorers who traveled through California and the missions established along the way.  In their longevity they have seen travelers move from walking to galloping to speeding along in metal-encased vehicles as pathways turned into freeways.

I often muse over the stories that trees could tell, if they would, of lovers and hearty adventurers and mysteries unsolved.

Accompanying photographs and tree stories are fifty miniature paintings (6-inch square).  Each painting shows parts of different trees.  Individually some images look abstract but displayed together they are woven into the form of another amazing tree. What I refer to as a "tree of trees"!  Birds, butterflies, and other visitors are hidden in the trees, creating the delightful adventure of finding them.

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